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Session keys

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Starting with PHPRunner version 10.3, you can find a Session keys button on the Security screen. Click this button to open a popup containing PHP session name and JWT (JSON Web Token) secret key options.


PHP session name

This option allows you to enter any string as a PHP session name.


If you have two PHP projects on the same server and you want them to share a single logon, enter the same session name for both projects.

JSON Web Token secret key

JSON Web Tokens are a secure, cryptographically protected way of exchanging data over the network.


In PHPRunner, JSON Web Tokens are encrypted with a secret key specific to your application. If you want the users to log in only once to access all your applications, make all your projects share the same secret key.


You can enter the same JWT secret key for all your projects on the Security screen -> Session keys dialog. This allows different projects to verify each other's tokens.


Note: it makes more sense when both projects have matching usernames. In this case user will be assigned the same permissions in the second project.


Lets say you have two projects that share the JWT key. In the first project, you can create a link to one of the second project pages (and vice versa). In the Menu Builder create a new item, choose to link to the External page and check off the checkbox saying 'Link to another application that shares the same JWT secret key'. This is it.



Visit to learn more about JSON Web Tokens.

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